Adding Users (Internal and External)

Adding users to your Supplios platform is quite simple, for both internal and external (supplier) users.

In both cases, an internal user will create an invitation for a new user to join the platform.  Supplios will then automatically send that person an email with clear directions for how to accept the invitation and complete the simple registration process.  

The process of triggering that user invitation, however, is different for internal and external users.

For new internal users, someone from your company with an Internal Admin or Internal Superadmin role can invite new internal users in the Company Settings area.

For new external users (suppliers), invitations are automatically sent to your supplier contacts as you invite them to sourcing events and other vendor information requests, as needed.  So you generally won't have to think about whether suppliers have already been invited, or if they already have accounts.  

If a supplier already has a registered account when you invite them to a sourcing event, for example, they will only receive information about that new sourcing event, but will not receive a new invitation to register an account in the platform.  

If you are inviting a supplier to multiple sourcing events or other information requests, they will only receive one registration invitation email within a 24 hour period (by default) -- although they will still receive one email for each separate sourcing request or information request you send them.  This is done to avoid excessive emails and annoyed suppliers.

Invitation Expiration

Invitations sent to both internal and external users will expire if not accepted within a certain timeframe.  This is done as a security measure.  

By default, invitations expire 7 days after they are first sent.  If you need to change this for your company, please contact Supplios Support and we can set a custom expiration time for your company.

If an invitation expires, that user will not be able to finish the registration process.  However, they will remain in the system, and authorized users from your company can easily renew their invitation with one click.

To renew invitations for external users, find the person in the Contact list, click on their name to open the Contact Details window, then click 'Renew Invite', as shown below:

For internal users, your Internal Admin/Superadmin users can do the same thing for invited internal users by finding them in the list of Internal Users in Company Settings.

If you have accidentally invited a user (internal or external) and want to revoke their invitation, you can do this the same way as renewing an invitation.  If you look at the Contact Details for a user who has an open invitation, but has not yet registered, you will see a 'Revoke Invitation' button.  

For additional information on the various user roles, see the related articles in our support portal.