Understanding Response Status

Every supplier or vendor you invite to a Sourcing Event (or that submits a response from your Supplier Portal, if enabled) has a corresponding Response Status.

The Response Status tracks where this vendor is your sourcing process, and as you or the vendor take actions, the Status changes accordingly.  Throughout the app, the status of each response is typically shown next to the company name for that response.

The Response Status also automatically controls what the company can and cannot do related to the Sourcing Event.  For example, if you don't like a bid from a particular supplier, you can click the reject button on their response, which moves their Status to 'Rejected' and also prevents them from making any changes.

The table below provides a summary of the various Response Status options you will see in the app, as well as what a vendor can and cannot do while their response has this Status.

Status Description Noted Restrictions for Vendors
Invited The vendor has been invited to the Sourcing Event, but has not yet acted on it. The vendor can view the Event details (ie: see the RFP or RFQ), and will be prompted to 'Start Response' or 'Decline'.  
Started The vendor has started preparing their response.  Internal users cannot see any details of their response until the vendor submits it. No restrictions - the vendor is preparing their response.
Submitted The vendor has submitted their response.  Buyer is actively considering the response, and has not yet decided to award or reject.   Vendor can modify their already-submitted response if allowed by Event settings and buyer locking/unlocking edits
Awarded The vendor has been selected / awarded business.  You can have zero, one, or many responses selected as awarded. Vendor response modifications are locked by default, unless unlocked by buyer
Rejected The vendor has been rejected.  This is considered 'final', as the vendor will not be allowed to make any changes. Vendor cannot make any changes to their response.
Declined The vendor declined to submit a response (No-Bid) or has withdrawn from consideration after previously submitting a response. Vendor CAN change their mind, until buyer closes all submissions on the Event.
Cancelled The buyer cancelled the invitation for the vendor, before the vendor submitted a response. Vendor can no longer view the Event or submit a response.  Reversible only by the buyer.
Expired The vendor did not submit a response before the deadline, so their invitation was expired. Vendor can no longer view the Event or submit a response.  Can be re-invited by the buyer.
Queued The vendor has been invited, but has not been notified yet.  This only happens if you invite vendors to a Sourcing Event before setting it to OPEN. Vendor will not be notified (or be able to access the Event) while Queued.  When the event OPENs, the invitation will be sent automatically.