Register as a Supplier / Vendor

To use a company's Supplier Portal as a supplier, you must have an account in that "host company's" Supplier Portal.

There are multiple ways to get a supplier account in a company's Supplier Portal:

  1. Someone at the "host company" creates an account for you.  This happens automatically if they invite you to respond to an RFQ/RFP or other workflow.
  2. One of your colleagues already has an account and creates an account for you.  (See the related article below for how to invite colleagues.)
  3. You self-register a new account, but only if the host company has enabled 'open signups'.  This is less common.

If you are unsure about how to create an account in a company's Supplier Portal, you should ask your contact at the host company.

Registering from an Invitation  (most common)

The most common way to get an account in a company's Supplier Portal is to receive an invitation from someone at the host company, or from your colleague who already has an account in the Supplier Portal.

When this happens, you will receive an invitation email with a special link to create your account.  You must click this link and finish the registration process within a certain timeframe (typically 7 days) or else the invitation will expire.  The link in this email is unique for you, and will only work to create an account with your specific email address.

Depending on how much time has passed since your invitation was sent, you may have to confirm your email address as part of the registration process by clicking a link in a separate email.  This is an additional security measure, and is only required if you delay in accepting the invitation.

IMPORTANT:  Do not delay in clicking the link in the invitation email and completing the signup process!  It is possible to have your invitation expiration extended, but this requires additional steps by the person who invited you.

Registering from an Open Signup  (less common)

If the host company has enabled 'open signups', then proceed to the registration page you have been provided, enter your information, and follow the registration process.  

The process is straightforward, and will require you to confirm your email address as part of the process.