Inviting Other People at Your Company

Once you have a supplier account on a company's Supplier Portal in Supplios, in most cases, you can create accounts for your colleagues without the involvement of the host company.

Three things are needed for you to do this:

  1. You must have "Company Admin" privileges when your account was created.  By default, the first user account created at a supplier company will have Company Admin privileges.  
  2. The host company must have this feature turned on in their Supplier Portal settings.  This is the common setting for most companies using Supplios.
  3. The other user at your company must have the same email domain as yours.  So if your email address is, you can invite other people as long as their email address also ends with  

This "self-service" invite system is designed to cover most situations, but certainly does not cover all.  If you run into problems, contact your main contact at the host company and they can setup an account for you.

How to invite others at your company

There are multiple ways to create accounts for others at your company, as long as the conditions above are met.  As a Company Admin, you can add new users from the Company Profile area, and you can also add people directly from some specific workflows.

Add other users from Company Profile area

As a Company Admin, you can add users from the Company Profile area.  See screenshot below for step by step instructions.

When you add users this way, the new users cannot automatically view the RFQs, RFPs, Quality Issues, and other workflows that you or other users at your company may be able to see.  Users are added individually to each workflow for security reasons.  Follow the steps in the next section to add new (or existing) users from your company to specific RFQs, RFPs, Quality Issues, or other workflows.

Add other users directly from a Quality Issue or other Approval workflow

As a Company Admin, you can directly invite other users from your company to participate in a Quality Issue, or other approval workflow.  These can be either existing users at your company (already has an account in the Supplier Portal), or you can create accounts for new users and add them to the workflow in one step.

The screenshot below shows the key steps for doing this from the "Workflow Detail page".  

Add other users to an RFP/RFQ

To add users from your company to an RFP, RFQ, or other Sourcing Event, you must first create an account for them (from the Company Profile section), as shown above.

Then you can add them to the RFP/RFQ, as shown below.  You do this from the "RFQ/RFP Response Page", which is the first page you see when you click on "Respond" to an RFQ/RFP, or "Update Response" if you already started responding.