Adding Multiple Email Addresses to Your Account

Do you use multiple email addresses for work?  If so, it's important to add all email addresses you use to your Supplios account.

However, if you are trying to add email addresses for multiple people to a single account, that is a bad idea.  

When to add multiple email addresses to your account

You should only add multiple email addresses to your account when those email addresses are connected to the same person.

For example, your company may use "aliases" or multiple domains for email, but they all go to the same place:


In these cases, you should add both of these email addresses to your Supplios account, especially if you may send email from any of these addresses.

This is important because if we receive an email from you (if you reply to one of the "reply-able" notification emails), and we don't have your email alias on file, then we will reject the message.  Not good!

Continue reading for how to add multiple email addresses to your account.

When NOT to add multiple email addresses to your account

If you would like to share access to a Supplier Portal with a colleague (and you both don't otherwise share an email account), you should not add both your and your colleague's email addresses to the account.

Instead, you should invite your colleague (if you are a supplier), or ask your Supplios Admin to create an account for your colleague if you are an internal company user.

This is important for security and legal reasons, but also for just maintaining clear communication.

For supplier users, we have a separate help article all about how to create new accounts for your colleagues.  You can find it in the "For Suppliers" help area.

How to add multiple email addresses to your account:

If you are sure you should add multiple email addresses to your account (see above examples), follow these steps:

  1. Go to your individual Supplios Profile page (
  2. In the Email Addresses area, click on "Manage Email Addresses"  (direct link:
  3. On the Email Address profile page, you can add new email addresses, re-send verification emails, remove old email addresses, etc.
  4.  After you add a new email address, we will send you an email to verify the new address.  You must click the link in that email to verify the address.
  5. After you have added the new email address, you will be able to login using any of the verified email addresses.

The "Primary" email address is only used for notifications and communications related to the general Supplios service -- but changing this does NOT change the email address you have connected to a specific company Supplier Portal.  

If you need to change the email address used for notifications and communications with your company's Supplier Portal (this is most of the notifications you receive), please contact our Support team, as there are other security and identity implications of such a change.

Any other questions about email addresses?  Contact our Support team and we'll be happy to help you out. -- or use the in-app help widget.