Changing the email address of your account

At some point you may need to change the email address linked with your supplier account in the Supplier Portal.

This may be because your company changed the format of all email addresses, or because your own email address changed, or other reasons.

However, due to how the Supplier Portal works, you cannot update the email address linked with your account in a specific company's Supplier Portal on your own.  

Instead, you should contact Supplios Support and we can help you with this.  (, or contact us through the in-app Help widget)  

This includes the case where you may be taking over for a former colleague, and you want to make sure your email address is linked with the account instead of their old email address.  Still contact Supplios Support and we'll help you with this.

We DO allow you to add multiple email addresses in one Supplios user account, which you can see if you go to your Supplios User Profile page at  

Adding additional email accounts here is beneficial for multiple reasons:

  1. You can send emails from multiple accounts, and we will recognize these as you.  
  2. You can link your accounts in multiple companies' Supplier Portals to one centralized user account so you do not have to login separately if you use different email addresses with in different companies Supplier Portals hosted on Supplios.  (Less common situation.)  

However, adding multiple email accounts here will not change the email address being used for any company's Supplier Portal.  

Bottom line -- if you need to change the email address linked with your account -- for whatever reason -- please contact our friendly support team and we'll help you out.