Did you receive an invitation to create account?

If you received an invitation to create an account on Supplios from a company, you're in the right place.  This article will guide you through the simple steps to create your account and log in to the platform.  This is a quick, one-time process.

You may have received the invitation if you are a supplier to the company who invited you, or if you work at that company.  The registration process for both internal and external users is similar. 

Step 1) Find the invitation email & click the invitation link

If you were invited to create an account, you should have received an invitation email.  

The subject line may vary, but it typically is something similar to:  "Your new Supplios account for [Company Name]".  

The invitation email includes a long link -- that is your unique invitation link.  It is connected to your email address, and should only be used by you to create your own account; it should not be shared with others.  If you have other colleagues who also need accounts, you can create separate accounts for them once you have logged in (depending on your permissions) or your host company can create accounts for them.

Click on the invitation link to go to the registration page.

Step 2) Complete the registration form

Clicking on the invitation link will take you to a registration page, similar to the one shown below.  Fill in the information as requested.

Please note:  The email address you enter when registering must exactly match the email address where you received the invitation, even if both addresses go to your same inbox.  You can add additional email addresses to your account after registering, if needed.  

If you complete this step soon after receiving the invitation (usually 3 days or less), then you're done!  Upon completion of the invited user registration form, you will be logged in to the supplier portal, and you're all set.

Supplios Invited Registration

Step 3) Confirm your email address (if required)

If you wait a while to register after receiving the invitation email (usually more than 3 days), you may have to confirm your email address one more time to complete the registration process.  This is done as a security measure.  

If you see a message saying you need to confirm your email address after registering, go back to your email inbox and find the email we just sent you.  (It may take a few minutes to arrive.)

Click on the confirmation link in the email.  Then on the confirmation page, click the button to confirm and continue with login.  You will be fully logged in and directed to the supplier portal -- all set!

Any issues?

If you have any questions along the way, please reach out to our support team at support@supplios.com or using the help widget in the app and on the login page.